6 Tips for Choosing the Best Indoor and Outdoor Rock Climbing Outfits

September 29, 2021 4 min read

6 Tips for Choosing the Best Indoor and Outdoor Rock Climbing Outfits

Rock climbing is a great activity not only because it can help keep you both mentally and physically fit, but because climbers can participate in the activity year-round. With options for indoor and outdoor rock climbing, there’s always a solution if you’re itching for a climb.

On top of having the flexibility to climb either indoors or outside, you also have the flexibility of choosing what to wear. How to choose rock climbing outfits comes down to a few things, including but not limited to where you’re climbing, the temperature (and other seasonal considerations), your climbing style, and personal preference.

Rock climbing gym outfits may differ from outdoor rock climbing outfits for men and women, especially depending on the season. If you’re looking to add some key pieces to your selection or need the essentials to get you started, you’ve come to the right place! Keep reading for tips when choosing outdoor rock climbing outfits, and pieces for indoor climbs as well. 

Consider the Weather and Conditions

While this is especially important when you’re climbing outdoors, you should keep the weather in mind even when you’re heading to the climbing gym. Depending on your location and the facility, you may need to consider what items are best suited for dual purposes. 

For example, it may rain on the day you want to wear yourfavourite tank top. Throwing a sweatshirt or hoodie on top is a good idea to keep you dry when going from home to the gym, but it can also be handy when climbing. The gym inside may be a bit cooler, and you may want some coverage for your arms on certain climbs. Carrying an extra layer gives you the flexibility to keep it on or remove it depending on conditions. 

Think about Your Rock Climbing Style

There are many types of rock climbing, with two of the most common being traditional rock climbing and bouldering. Rock climbing is more traditional in the sense that you need to use safety equipment like harnesses, whereas bouldering relies on safety mats to catch climbers. The main difference as it pertains to wardrobe is the safety equipment; climbers should take the equipment they’ll need to climb into account when choosing their outfit. 

If you know a safety harness will be necessary, for example, you should choose longer pants that cover your legs to avoid the friction of the equipment rubbing against you. 

Choose Clothing That Isn’t Too Baggy

When choosing your outfit for rock climbing, you want to pick items that are close-fitting. Loose or baggy clothes can pose a risk when climbing. The ideal outfit for indoor rock climbing is slim fitting, especially at the hands and feet. Baggy clothes can get in the way and interfere with your footing and can even bunch up around your harness in the process. 

Even if you’re not wearing much safety equipment, it can be tricky to find your footing and co-ordinate your next move when you have to navigate around loose hanging clothes. For a comfortable and safe climb, opt for close fitting clothing.

Wear Clothing That Is Breathable & Quick Drying

Rock climbing and bouldering are physically strenuous activities, which means you’ll undoubtedly work up a sweat during your climb. Wear a breathable t-shirt or tank top to keep as cool as possible on the wall, and to help you cool down ASAP once you’re finished.

While it’s nearly impossible to avoid getting sweaty during your climb, wearing quick drying fabrics can also help you cool down quickly. Quick drying and breathable fabrics are strongly recommended for the inner layers of your rock climbing outfit, whether you’re planning to climb indoors or outside. 

Take into Consideration the Flexibility of Your Clothing

If you’ve been climbing before then you know how important flexibility is when it comes to choosing the right outfit for rock climbing or bouldering. It’s challenging enough using your physical strength in tandem with solving the mental puzzle of how to get from point A to point B without also worrying about if your rigid bottoms will allow you the movement you need to make your next maneuver. 

Aside from making your climb more difficult, it’ll also be more uncomfortable for you overall. The best thing you can do for yourself is to ensure you have full range of movement of your arms and legs in whatever you choose to wear for your next climb. 

Look for Various Fabric Properties 

Other desirable fabric properties to look for in your ideal outfit for rock climbing include: 

  • Moisture Wicking. In addition to quick drying, moisture wicking fabric will help keep you feeling dry even when you may be sweaty. It’ll help absorb moisture away from your body until you cool down. 
  • Windproof.This feature is important for those planning to climb outdoors. It’ll help keep you at a comfortable temperature during your climb, preventing wind from penetrating the fabric. If you’re particularly sensitive to air conditioning, this is a good feature to look for when selecting indoor climbing wear as well.
  • Hard Wearing. Rock climbing and bouldering can be pretty rough on your clothes, making your climbing outfits prone to wear and tear. Purchasing hard wearing clothes means they’ll be tough and won’t rip or tear easily, offering you more use out of the pieces you invest in. 

Choose Crimpin for Outdoor and Indoor Rock Climbing Outfits in the USA

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