Crimpin is a sport and lifestyle brand providing rock climbing communities with apparel featuring climbing-specific designs.  The designs are fun and authentic, from one climber to another and for any outdoor enthusiast.

Crimpin’s vision is threefold; 

  • To provide shirts with designs that bridge the gap between fashion and the unique rock climbing terminologies and slang of the sport.  
  • To provide interesting, comfortable, everyday apparel that you can climb and live in. 
  • Keeping it green, by locally sourcing our products and print facility.  Reducing the environmental impact through the use of plastic-free, biodegradable shipping materials.

Whether browsing for yourself or as a gift for a climber in your life, with Crimpin we’ve got your back.  


The vision for CRIMPIN grew from conversations with friends while climbing, about specific rock climbing terminologies, slang, uniquely inappropriate route names, and the joyful need to have all of these and more illustrated on a t-shirt. “You remember that reachy 5.10d? You had to smear and trust your feet?”.  “How hard was that balancy traverse with nothing but slopers?” 

The designs were created by me, Bonnie Dickson.  In addition to creating fun designs, it was important to me as a climber to provide shirts that met the following needs:

  • High-quality shirts to wear while climbing or for everyday life.  The shirts are made of high quality, cotton-poly blend, which allows for breathability and a comfortable fit.Plus they are oooh sooo soft!
  • Designed with your climb in mind. As a climber, there were a few subtle but necessary details that were considered regarding the structure of our shirts.  The neck collar is round, not v-neck, in order to keep crag bugs out.  Also, the length is just a bit longer than an average t-shirt, so they are long enough to fit comfortably under your climbing harness.Yay! No more shirt poppin’ when you raise your arms!  
  • Locally sourced printing. Reducing environmental impact is a core business value.  The shirt printing process is done locally, only approximately a 30-minute drive from our shipping facility.  This allowed Crimpin to reduce our emissions impact with the shipping/manufacturing process.  As Crimpin grows, so will the opportunity to move to a fully green process.
  • Recyclable shipping materials. All of our shirts are delivered in 100% biodegradable, recyclable materials, plastic-free packaging.

There are lots of future plans for CRIMPIN and I hope you’ll join us on this journey through the blog or the instagram page @crimpin_com.  Feel free to connect with me directly through the contact page. Until then, climb safe!