Clothes for Rock Climbing in Florida

Cloths for Rock climbing in floridaChoosing the right clothes for rock climbing is important for safety reasons, but it can also be fun! With the wide range of rock climbing clothes on the market today, you can find apparel that meets the needs of your climbing habits, and that go with your personal style. Plus, there’s a wide range of accessories to help make your climbing experience more comfortable.

If you’re just getting started and need help getting the basics, we have all you need to know about rock climbing clothes in Florida.

What Are the Best Clothes for Rock Climbing?

The best clothes for rock climbing are those that are well-fitted. You never want to climb with loose or baggy clothes—especially around your hands and feet—since it can be a major hazard when trying to make your next move. Well fitting, breathable rock climbing clothes that you can easily move around in is the best option.

Rock Climbing Clothes for Men

Comfortable activewear—pretty much anything you’d wear to the gym—is suitable for rock climbing. The fit is a little more important for rock climbing than it is for a regular gym, especially around the waist, wrists and ankles. You don’t want any loose clothing to bunch around your harness or get in your way.

It’s also important to keep in mind that any bare skin is open to abrasion. If you want to keep your arms safe, consider a long sleeved t-shirt that will allow you to move around freely while keeping you protected.

Rock Climbing Clothes for Women

The same rules apply for rock climbing clothes for women; however, there’s often more selection. Climbers can choose from yoga pants, unitards, and tank tops to climb in. When considering what to wear to the climbing gym, it’s important to consider the materials your outfit is made of. Yoga pants, for example, may be comfortable, but are they durable enough to withstand the abrasion of climbing?

While there may be more options to choose from, functionality should always be the deciding factor when it comes to choosing clothes for rock climbing.

Indoor and Outdoor Rock Climbing Accessories

Aside from getting the right apparel, climbers have a number of accessories to choose from to make their climb more comfortable. For example, new and seasoned climbers alike may experience rough hands the development of calluses; a natural defense to the abrasion they’re exposed to when climbing. A simple yet effective balm can be enough to soothe rough hands between climbs, and offer a little TLC.

There’s no shortage of accessories for rock climbing. Shop around to find the right products for you.

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